Animek.Fun – HorribleSubs replacement for watch or download

I used to check and download new animes on HorribleSubs.
But then my drive is full and I think storage anime is more trouble nowadays.
I created to watch anime daily but I saw other sites have done very well.
I decided to fix became anime schedule and it will link to other sites to watch or download.
Have used animek as a replacement and I don’t even know HorribleSubs was dead a month ago.

I frequently update the site function, and it could be the best anime schedule site.
p/s: the bonus, is a mirror of mangadex. If you are living in the Asia region, it should be faster or fastest.
Both sites look great in the mobile web version. 😀

You can contact me by sending an email to [email protected] to suggest futures or bug fixes – I always monitor this. But sometimes it is not quick enough.

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